What is Network Marketing?

What is Network Marketing really about? It is a business model that relies on a distributor network that helps to move a certain product. It works great with people who are looking for a part-time, flexible, and secondary source of income. This is because network marketing requires a low upfront investment. In addition to that, it does not pressure the individual to hit minimum quotas. This is something that anyone can do in their spare time and treat it as a home business. Most importantly, people get to choose their own schedule and be their own boss. All anyone needs is a few hundred bucks in order to purchase a product starter kit.

At the heart of Network Marketing is the drive to be able to move a product forward. This means that an item is provided to customers at a price reasonable for both sellers and buyers. The purchase should be made because the consumer has a genuine need for the product. What’s important is to promote the product and the value it brings to the marketplace. It definitely is a good opportunity for anyone who believes in the power of the product. Aside from that, there is also some extra income to earn.

what is networking mlm onlineSome people who engage in network marketing do get a lot of money in a short amount of time. However, it should not be treated as a get-rich-quick scheme. Those people may have Lady Luck on their side. But success in networking relies mostly on following some basic business principles.

Usually, network marketing programs may also require participants to recruit members. These recruits help the participants to market the product. This made promoting products much effective. Due to this success, network marketing is fast becoming part of the new economy. Both businesses and entrepreneurs are attracted to this revolutionary way of doing business all across the world.

What is Network Marketing NOT about?

Most people tend to confuse Network Marketing with Multi-Level Marketing. In a nutshell, you should treat Multi-Level Marketing as an advanced form of Network Marketing. Multi-Level Marketing encourages you to build your own team of sales people who will also promote the product. In order for your Multi-Level Marketing to work, you will have to provide training for your sales force to prepare them into becoming leaders of their own teams.

As your sales team grows, your earnings also double. This is why other people neglect promoting the product and focus on recruiting members instead. Things get bad when companies reward their distributors MORE for recruiting rather than actually selling a product. This can lead to other problems such as requiring members to purchase their own products or harassing family members to promote the product even when they don’t need it. Some companies offer exaggerated income schemes and even employ cult-like techniques in order to entice blind devotion from its members. This manner of marketing comes off as desperate and deceptive. This is what gives network marketing a bad name.

Some regulations on franchises do not cover network marketing. Some people with dubious intentions take advantage of this. In the event that a certain network focuses more on rewarding recruiters rather than pushing a product, you may have to think twice before moving forward with an investment. Do note that there is nothing wrong with the business model per se, the real problem are SOME of the people it attracts.

Tips on How to Get Started

what is networking mlm online getting started tipsIn order to succeed in network marketing, you may have to consider some basic principles used in the direct-selling industry. Here are some of the tips that might help you before jumping in:

The Product – What is Network Marketing entirely about? It is about being able to provide excellent products or services that consumers will certainly benefit from. If you are doubtful that a product will sell, let alone prove useful, then it might not be a good investment.

The Company – How old is the company and what contributes to its stability? The older and more stable the company, the better. Being able to look freely into the background or reputation of the network marketing company is also important. Since network marketing involves recruiting other members, how fair and generous is the distribution between old and new participants? More importantly, is the company able to provide its members with satisfying support and training programs?

Yourself – When people get in to network marketing, they mistake it as an opportunity to get rich in an easy way. There are proven success stories in Network Marketing. However, it’s important to note that it takes work to build a network marketing business. You will have to learn a lot and be open to change, especially during startup, since we have business processes that you will go through.

Now that you’ve become your own boss, which could either be good or bad, you may have to leverage your time in order to be successful. It makes for a great opportunity to work on yourself and become better as the business grows with you. As long as you are willing to become the greatest version of yourself, you are on your way to a successful network marketing career.

Your Partner in your Network Marketing Startup

Perhaps, the best way to go about network marketing is to learn from the experts. You will need someone who can provide you with necessary information. It’s preferable if that someone who has proven himself or herself in the field. What’s also important is someone who can provide training for the many months to come.

Get ready to succeed with Rick Billings as he guides you and helps you understand what network marketing is all about. He will help you achieve your goals when growing your own business. Learn how to recruit more people and make sales without having to pressure your loved ones. You also get to learn how potential clients reach out to you instead. Here’s the best thing…Rick Billings will coach you for free!

So, I hope we have answered the question…What is Network Marketing.

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